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Curtis Harrison  


The Heart

20--- Miami University Ohio -2025


"Okay I will be honest, I am kind of a sneaker-head.
So when we were in the car that day, and Spencer’s mom
told us that these kids made their own shoes out of
cardboard, it really hit me. These kids walked everywhere
and yet they had no shoes. To be truthful with you, the
rest still wanted the shoes. But me, they call me the one
with the Heart. I couldn’t focus on the latest release
anymore. I was disturbed by the image of these kids with
no shoes.

So that is what INSPIRED us to change the world that
day. We all spend a lot of time working to collect sneakers
spreading our message to churches and schools. It’s

really hard, don’t get it twisted, it is a lot of work. But any
time that we get to the place that we think its too hard,
here is what inspires us to keep going. We see these kids,
and the joy on their faces when they receive these shoes.
We see these kids that were so happy. Our partners in
Ghana, sent us a photo album full of pictures from the
distributions. We saw the shoes we gave on the happy
feet of the kids in Ghana.


***It changed their whole
perspective. It inspired them, and they inspired us."***

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