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Kellen Newman 

The Plug

20--- Butler University 2024

""Spencer, Curtis and I started this organization when we were in the 8th grade... on the way to a polo match. The polo match we went to that day was filled with philanthropists and entrepreneurs. When we told them that we were going to collect our shoes that we’d outgrown and ask our classmates and teammates to do the same…they said “Oh, you’re going to start a Non-Profit”. When we said we were going to send them to kids in Jamaica…they said “Make sure you send some to Ghana – oh and Haiti---and Cameroon”. When we said we were going to ship the shoes… they said “you are going to need a shipping partner”. When we said we wanted travel and to see the kids …they said “you are going to need to raise some funds.”  We were 12 years old. No one told us we couldn’t do it

. **A big part of being able to do something great is surrounding yourself with people that believe that you can.** "

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