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Curtis Harrison IV

Kellen, 17, is a Junior  at St. Xavier High School.  When he's not fulfilling his student duties or being an international philanthropist; he participates in three sports: track, football, and lacrosse.

Curtis Harrison, 16, is a Junior at The Seven Hills School.  In addition to being a scholar and an international philanthropist, Curtis is a small forward and plays basketball year round. 

Spencer Boyd, 16, is a Junior at The Seven Hills School.  In addition to being a scholar and an international philanthropist, Spencer is a dual athlete playing Baseball for his school and Swimming competitively year-round for the PCY Tigersharks, Seven Hills, and the Wyoming Seadragons 

Breiland Anderson, 17, is a Junior at Lakota West High School. In addition to being a scholar and international philanthropist, Breiland has played a multitude of sports over the years and has decided to focus on lacrosse moving forward. He plays year round for his school, "Chill" and "Velocity"


Rikki, 16 is a Junior at Walnut Hills High School. She is designer and influencer with a focus on culture, identity, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Rikki provides holistic design solutions for branding and identity with a minimal aesthetic. Outcomes include brand identity, websites, Youtube content, and social media influencing.”

Spencer Boyd II


Sole Bros Inc Foundation 

We are a 501C3 Non-profit Corporation founded in 2015 when we were 8th Graders. Since that time we have collected and distributed over 6,000 pairs of quality sneakers to youth in Kingston Jamaica, Montego Bay Jamaica, The Volta Region of Ghana, Houston Texas, Beaumont Texas as well as in our hometown, Cincinnati, Ohio through our Sole Bro Sneaker Closets!


We have also written and published a Children's Book called "Sole Bros Change the World". We have hosted Warm4theWinter513 which made sure that 100s of Greater Cincinnati residents had warm coats and boots in the bitterly cold winter months. We have represented our brand, our families and our supporters all over the World!

We are Scholars 

We are Elite Athletes

We are International Philanthropists.

We Believe that You can change the World with a Dream and a Friend.

We Believe that You can do ANYTHING if you surround yourself with people that tell you you CAN.

We Believe that Our Generation is Not Lost, we just seek to be INSPIRED.

We Believe that INSPIRATION is the key to fixing anything that is Wrong with the World and the basis of everything that is Right with the World and we CHOSE to BE that INSPIRATION!

Thank you for your support! 

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